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Art for Awakening is an offering, a gift dedicated to fostering the awakening of humanity to the One Awareness We All Are, and to the unique preciousness of each soul, in hopes of contributing to a much needed transformation of consciousness on our only home, Mother Earth. This awakening is our only salvation from the insanities of greed, power-hunger, and fear which now threaten ecological catastrophe.

You are invited to:

  • Enter each Temple and explore these gifts
  • Contemplate what resonates with your soul
  • Consider the Suggested Contemplations at the end of each section
  • Share your responses and wisdom for the benefit of all in the Guest Book.
  • Copy what speaks to you for your own private use or to share gratis with friends.   (For reprint permission, please contact me.)


In The Temple of the One Awareness, return to the sacredness of Who You Are.




Fierce Truth

In the Temple of Fierce Truth, discover shining jewels from the dark side of our human experience.


Sacred Dance

In the Temple of Sacred Dance, contemplate the mystery of the Eternal Dance of the Divine Feminine and the Holy Masculine.



Divine Play

In the Temple of Divine Play, discover the healing power of creative self-expression.


Dreaming Earth
Dreaming Earth


In the Temple of the Dreaming Earth, Animal Spirits share messages of  humor, challenge, and compassionate wisdom.