#3 Creative Fire

Creative Fire – May 1, 2009

In the ancient ways, the beginning of May is celebrated with bonfires on hilltops. It is the start of Summer. The Creative Fire of Nature is blossoming toward the heights of fruitfulness, and daylight exceeds darkness. The light is growing stronger, ascending towards its apex at the Solstice. What does this new, strong light reveal? A time of creative ferment and its inevitable, necessary forerunner: decay and destruction. What can we do in such a time? Here is a message from a Goddess of Creative Fire.


Dear Pelé, Black Goddess of Volcano and Ocean, creating New Land from the Fires of Your Molten Heart, at this time of Dangerous Opportunities, what message do You bear?

PELÉ: I am Mother EarthSea. I speak with the Voice of this One Living World. A Cycle is ending. Like frozen seas in early spring, things are breaking apart. Huge chunks jostle and crash against each other.

Waters are rising. Much disarray of the Natural Order causes imbalance: flood and drought; too much Fire and not enough; Great Winds tossing waves, trees, houses, cars; tearing up many things by the roots; sending many species and tribes wandering far from their homes, hunting for survival. Many die. Madness and Fear rise like sick fires, spreading wildly from mind to mind, nation to nation.

What can we do?

PELÉ: Prepare to survive or die, equally. Love while you can. Accept that there is no cover, nowhere to run. It is time to ride the whirlwind. Find your roots, your inner roots, your strength, your truth, your courage, your trust in All That Is.

LET GO of all ideas, beliefs, expectations. BE WITH WHAT IS without complaint. Protect what is good and true. Love what is real. DO NOT CHASE ILLUSIONS OF CONTROL OR SAFETY.

Find those whose hearts understand as you do, and swim with these good souls in the raging river that will wash away logjams of ideas and presumptions, will sweep away all that clings to what has been.

It is difficult not to be afraid. How may we find fierce courage and deep trust?

PELÉ: You know. Be silent, quiet,
still – and LISTEN. Let your Deep Heart speak and guide you.

YOU ARE HERE NOW FOR A REASON. What can you contribute to the Rising Tide of Change?

Is there anything else You can tell us?

PELÉ: Be the Voice of the Deep Truths.

Allow the fierce Fire of Creation to live and burn and shine in you, through you, without resistance or need for comprehension. Let your molten lava-love flow forth from your heart, destroying outmoded structures, bringing forth new land from the sea. Trust in the Cycle of Creation.

Suggested Contemplations

What illusions are difficult to let go of?
What is your Deep Heart whispering to you?
How can the Fire of Creation shine through you?

Your responses, comments or questions are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!

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