#6 Balancing in the flow


Balancing in the Flow – Fall Equinox 2009

Once again, daylight and darkness are equal. Now the light is dwindling, the nights grow longer. Withered leaves dance in the wind, sap retreats to the roots, squirrels are frantic to fatten up for the cold time. Nature calls us to slow down, to be still, to dream slow dreams in the long nights. Yet our culture gets quite squirrelly, pushing us to be ever busier with school, work, “fun.” Soon the whirl of what I call the holly-daze will be upon us.

Recently, in the midst of my own squirrelly whirl, I paused and asked for guidance. Here is what I received:

“Slow down. Find the Flow and move with it.

If you lose the Flow, stop and find it again.

Move with slow, heavy grace, each step deliberate, calm, conscious.

Take charge of yourself.
Comfy old programs of anxiety, helplessness,
doubt or avoidance
only hinder and confuse you.

Take the time you need to find the Flow –
and you will move with ease through the dance of life.”


This reminded me of two poems I wrote that help me remember to slow down.

Written at a Movement Workshop, 03/29/97

My bones are slow
Moving in ancient rhythms
Drawing me down, down, down
To old times, bone times, stone times.

My bones are slow today
Feeling out each step of the way
Stopping to stay here
Be here not there or then.

My bones are slow
Taking tiny steps
Steady, steady, one then another,
Getting me here now.


Written on a Vision Quest
at Pyramid Lake, May 2002

Crystal clear silence


No desire

Impartial perceiving

Changeless cycles


Serene repose

No fear

Life is

Death is

Peace within


Suggested Contemplations

What helps you slow down?
What would it feel like to “move with slow, heavy grace”?
How do you relate to emptiness?


Your responses, comments or questions are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!
All art and writing by Rahima Warren.

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