Thank you for taking some time with Art for Awakening. I hope you have found it to be a meaningful experience. You are welcome to share your responses, insights and wisdom here.

#8 Luminous Darkness

Luminous Darkness – December 21, 2009 – A Turning Point

Winter Solstice is a time for
turning within,
entering the luminous darkness
of the Longest Night,
opening to the Sacred Feminine,
yielding to the Yin,
resting in the Cosmic Womb,
source of all creation.
In the gentle darkness, we can see
the subtle light of our soul-stars.

Can you see your Self shining
there, a star in the silent

Now the Deepest Darkness holds a seed of Light waiting to be born into the world, into our lives, into our hearts. It is the time of the longest night – and the time when the days begin to grow longer. In the ancient ways, this is the peak of Winter, with the beginning of Spring only six weeks away.
August 15, 1998


R: Highest Self, I caught a glimpse of you shining golden-white, a tiny taste of vast compassion. I long for your presence, your guidance, yet my doubting mind questions every message, every experience. How can I be more open to your presence, your realness?

HIGH SELF: Being open to your own glory is difficult. Mirroring others’ glory back to them is easier. When do you let yourself look into the mirror of Spirit?

Be gentle with yourself. Untangling that knot at the back of your heart is a long, slow, meticulous process. Be patient and tender with yourself. You might even choose to feel satisfied with yourself!

Beings of free will must invite Me, invite guidance, or I cannot be near you as you would like. Cultivate your relationship with Spirit daily through any method you prefer: prayer, song, meditation, art, walking in Nature…

You are the oil in the lamp. Spirit is the Flame.

Quietly clean and polish the lamp, renew the oil every day.

All else flows from this.

You are the Lamp without which
the Flame cannot shine in the world.

Suggested Contemplations

Does the inner critic or judge obscure the Mirror – or can you see your own glory unfolding?

As the New Year approaches, perhaps it is a good time to consider how to cultivate a deeper relationship with Spirit, to open to the beauty of the Being you are.


All art and writing by Rahima Warren. Your comments are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!

#7 Facing the Unseen

October 31 – November 1, 2009

In the ancient ways, this is the death of the old year and the beginning of Winter. Today many of us celebrate Hallowe’en (Hallowed Evening). Whether a bright fairy queen or a dark monster, on this one day of the year, we allow our Shadows to rise from the ‘dead’ and come out to play trick or treat. Others of us may celebrate the Day of the Dead, honoring departed loved ones, visiting cemeteries, making intriguing skeleton figures.

On a deeper level, it is a time to face the darkness, to see what is usually unseen, denied, ignored: our Shadows (buried parts of ourselves); unseen spirits; endings and death.

Here is a poem I wrote in 1981 when facing a ‘death’ – the ending of a phase of my life:

Luna Moth

Through the Moon Gate go I,
letting go of why,
into the Dark Realms
to meet what overwhelms
the mind.

Can words express
what seems chaos?
Depression, dread, horror and loss
await me. Nevertheless,
through the Moon Gate go I,
needing to shed my

Beyond the dread Moon Gate,
the Dark Ones wait
to initiate me.
What must I surrender?
Will they dismember
me? Trembling, I yield
to the unknowable


Here is a Shadow dream from 20 years ago, and the Shadow figure’s message, still powerful today. I was startled and scared by this dream. It is so challenging to my usual love of security, stability, peace! Yet this message encouraged me to follow my own inner path of growth and discovery, becoming more alive, more my unique self. I hope it will do the same for you.

Dream: Jana the Performance Artist
A very intense woman – short, strong, perhaps handsome but not beautiful, magnetic due to her total commitment to her path, her truth, her vision – uncompromising, perhaps even grim.
A man begs her to talk with him. She says “Maybe tomorrow”. She never knows where her path will take her so she can never promise anything.

A bar with dancing to recorded music. There are a lot of women wanting to dance but no men, so the women take over and start playing feminist music, dancing in twos, fours, groups.

The intense woman hears of this and is drawn to perform there. She’s a performance artist. Everyone is excited, almost awed. She comes in fully clothed in workman-like clothes and even cloth work gloves –
all a bit too large on her – and with a stripper’s pasties and G-string on top of the clothes. Also, she is wearing a woman’s medicine bag over her womb.
It is beautiful, shining with fine beads and sequins. She starts to dance to music, which starts out loud but quickly fades.

She stops dancing and leaves – only to return, having cut off her hair to about one inch long. She says the group was “worshipping her hair” and the “theology of the group” needed disrupting so she cut it off. Somehow this really does disturb everyone. I am stunned, shocked, and end up crying.

Message from Jana: The Path of Radical Individuation
“We must be free to love ourselves completely – to totally trust our Inner Guidance, in order to transform the World from Hell to Heaven. Imagine what radical freedom one has if one totally trusts one’s Inner Guidance – but to do this takes totally knowing oneself:

* Being aware of all your ego’s tricks and ways of deceiving you, flattering you, inflating your self-importance, posturing this way and that, minimizing your response-ability, hiding your true power and radiance, etc.
* Learning to fully discriminate between true Inner Guidance and ego’s hopes or fears.
* Being fully aware of WHAT IS, facing reality without self-deception, denial, delusions.

“Only then can one follow one’s Inner Guidance completely. Even so, one always risks falling into one of ego’s traps. One must balance this eternal vigilance against self-deception with eternal self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. Mercy & Justice; Compassion & Discriminating Awareness; Tara & Manjusri. Krishnamurti, Jesus, Buddha, the Zen Masters – all are examples of this.

“Imagine how the World would be transformed if more & more people began to be able to follow this path, each one following their unique path so that “the authorities” (those who fear change and are lost in ego-delusions – inner & outer) can never predict us and so can never control us. They may kill us one by one but there will always be some who commit to the path of radical freedom and radical love – to transform the world, to head us away from self-destruction to world renewal.

“Only when one has become totally unattached to ego’s demands and delusions can one live this path – the most challenging path of all – the Path of the Gentle Warrior. Violence is never the answer so this is not a path of political revolution, nor is it a path of organizational action. It is a path of individuals being their unique selves, fully alive, following “that still small voice inside.”

Suggested Contemplations

What Shadows have I enacted for Hallowe’en over the years?
How do I deal with transitions, transformation, death?
What is my Inner Guidance telling me?
What is my path of radical individuation?

Your comments are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!

#6 Balancing in the flow


Balancing in the Flow – Fall Equinox 2009

Once again, daylight and darkness are equal. Now the light is dwindling, the nights grow longer. Withered leaves dance in the wind, sap retreats to the roots, squirrels are frantic to fatten up for the cold time. Nature calls us to slow down, to be still, to dream slow dreams in the long nights. Yet our culture gets quite squirrelly, pushing us to be ever busier with school, work, “fun.” Soon the whirl of what I call the holly-daze will be upon us.

Recently, in the midst of my own squirrelly whirl, I paused and asked for guidance. Here is what I received:

“Slow down. Find the Flow and move with it.

If you lose the Flow, stop and find it again.

Move with slow, heavy grace, each step deliberate, calm, conscious.

Take charge of yourself.
Comfy old programs of anxiety, helplessness,
doubt or avoidance
only hinder and confuse you.

Take the time you need to find the Flow –
and you will move with ease through the dance of life.”


This reminded me of two poems I wrote that help me remember to slow down.

Written at a Movement Workshop, 03/29/97

My bones are slow
Moving in ancient rhythms
Drawing me down, down, down
To old times, bone times, stone times.

My bones are slow today
Feeling out each step of the way
Stopping to stay here
Be here not there or then.

My bones are slow
Taking tiny steps
Steady, steady, one then another,
Getting me here now.


Written on a Vision Quest
at Pyramid Lake, May 2002

Crystal clear silence


No desire

Impartial perceiving

Changeless cycles


Serene repose

No fear

Life is

Death is

Peace within


Suggested Contemplations

What helps you slow down?
What would it feel like to “move with slow, heavy grace”?
How do you relate to emptiness?


Your responses, comments or questions are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!
All art and writing by Rahima Warren.

#5 Inner Harvest

August 1, 2009 – Inner Harvest

August is an interesting month. The first leaves are withering and falling. Yet it still seems like Summer. Below, you’ll find a poem called “August’s Secret.” Traditionally, Autumn begins now. It is time to celebrate a good harvest, and/or to prepare for the hard times of Winter.

On the soul-level, we can contemplate our Inner Harvest, the soul-treasures we have gathered that will sustain us through hard times. What seeds of inner growth have you planted? What fruit have they borne? Strength? Balance? Love? Compassion? Wisdom? Serenity? Joy? Take a moment to appreciate your Inner Treasures.

This painting is called “Guarded Treasures.” It came from a felt experience of how I was hiding and protecting my inner treasures. It helped me realize I need to share my gifts with the world, which led to “Art for Awakening” on , and these Communiqués.

Recently, after a wonderful experience of allowing my full DeLight self to shine at a women’s retreat, I asked myself in meditation: “What hides my Radiance? What keeps me from shining and freely sharing my inner treasures?”

The feeling/answer I received was “anxious guilt.” Inquiring further, I traced this anxious guilt back to (1) the child’s fear of making a mistake; which is rooted in (2) the child’s fear of losing a parent’s love and protection; which evokes (3) the fear of not surviving without that love and protection, i.e., the fear of death.

The next question was: “Who am I without that anxious guilt? those childhood fears?” After all, I did survive childhood! Here is the felt answer that I received:

Strong on the Earth © Rahima Warren

I am not afraid of life,
of being myself.

I am free to dance my truth.

I am free to offer my gifts – and
walk away.

I am free to offer my
love, wisdom or compassion,
without attachment to outcome.

And I allow others the freedom
to follow the paths of
~ their truth or karma,
~ their fear or passion,
~ their blindness or joy,
as do I.

The world is not my burden,
but my home and my stage,
where I follow my path,
as do all the souls on Earth.

August’s Secret

The creek’s rocky bones
are bared for all to see.
Still we gleefully say,
“It’s summer – time to play!”
O, we like to pretend
but the trees know –
and the wind.

The shriveled stream rests
in her stony bed
whispering patiently,
“Not long now ’til the end.”

O, we like to pretend
but the trees know –
and the wind.

Some leaves turn yellow,
and scatter about
under our heedless feet.
“Still summer, ain’t it great?”

O, we like to pretend
but the trees know –
and the wind.

Suggested Contemplations

What inner treasures have you harvested?
How will they sustain you through hard times?
Can you offer your gifts – with no attachment to outcome?
Can you allow others to follow their own paths –
even when those paths seem difficult or wrong?
Do you have compassion for yourself for the “wrong steps” you may have taken?

Your responses, comments or questions are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!
All art and writing by Rahima Warren.

#4 Soul’s Joy

The Soul’s Joy – Summer Solstice 2009

Summer Solstice: the Sun is at its Apex; giving us the longest day, and shortest night of the year. It is time to honor the Light within and without, time to celebrate and appreciate all the gifts of the Sun – light, warmth, life, joy!

Here is one of my favorite quotes from Rumi, a Sufi mystic. I’ve been contemplating its meaning for years.
“The soul is here for its own joy.”

What freedom there is in this thought! Can you imagine? Anything that helps our souls feel glad and joyful is exactly what we “should” be doing! Doesn’t that turn the usual “to do list” mentality on its head?

But what is joy? To me, joy is not mere happiness. Joy is: an expanding heart, a gladness of soul, a feeling of gratitude to/for all that is, a desire to sing and dance in praise to the Source of Life, a welling up of praise and worship from the depths of the soul, a feeling of the soul taking flight out of pure gladness.

When do you feel this kind of joy? Perhaps at the birth of a child, or immersion in meditation or a creative project, or at a moment of supreme beauty: wonderful music, a glorious sunset, a dawn-blooming rose bejeweled with dew.

What if we kept joy journals to honor and develop our capacity for joy?

How do you avoid joy? I doubt anyone except perhaps a few saints have actually died from joy. However, the ego-personality often does feel threatened when the soul stretches its wings in gladness. We fear to lose our familiar small selves if we open to this intangible soul’s joy.

What is the soul? The soul is as much of a mystery to the ego-personality as the butterfly is to the caterpillar. Yet we are woven of the same substance. We are each an expression of our souls.

Perhaps our souls are secretly guiding us to spin the proper chrysalis (our personalities) within which the soul can mature and develop its mysterious and unknown wings, only to take flight upon our deaths, leaving behind our little withered shells.

Perhaps through our adventures and struggles in this life, through our various spiritual practices, and/or attempts to live in accordance with the Will of Spirit, we are each developing a Gift for – call it what you will – God, Spirit, Being, The Oneness We All Are.

What is this Gift? Our inimitable souls, the unique joy of our own souls!

Could it be that the most important thing is to surrender to joy, to surrender to the needs of our souls, these gifts for the Universe that we are incubating within these chrysalis-personalities, these challenging lives here on Earth?

May we allow ourselves to feel those mysterious wings stirring
as our souls lift in joy toward the Sun of Love!

Suggested Contemplations
What are your answers to the questions I’ve explored?
What is joy?
When do you allow joy?
How do you avoid joy?
What is the soul?
What is your soul’s unique joy?

Your responses, comments or questions are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!
All art and writing by Rahima Warren.

#3 Creative Fire

Creative Fire – May 1, 2009

In the ancient ways, the beginning of May is celebrated with bonfires on hilltops. It is the start of Summer. The Creative Fire of Nature is blossoming toward the heights of fruitfulness, and daylight exceeds darkness. The light is growing stronger, ascending towards its apex at the Solstice. What does this new, strong light reveal? A time of creative ferment and its inevitable, necessary forerunner: decay and destruction. What can we do in such a time? Here is a message from a Goddess of Creative Fire.


Dear Pelé, Black Goddess of Volcano and Ocean, creating New Land from the Fires of Your Molten Heart, at this time of Dangerous Opportunities, what message do You bear?

PELÉ: I am Mother EarthSea. I speak with the Voice of this One Living World. A Cycle is ending. Like frozen seas in early spring, things are breaking apart. Huge chunks jostle and crash against each other.

Waters are rising. Much disarray of the Natural Order causes imbalance: flood and drought; too much Fire and not enough; Great Winds tossing waves, trees, houses, cars; tearing up many things by the roots; sending many species and tribes wandering far from their homes, hunting for survival. Many die. Madness and Fear rise like sick fires, spreading wildly from mind to mind, nation to nation.

What can we do?

PELÉ: Prepare to survive or die, equally. Love while you can. Accept that there is no cover, nowhere to run. It is time to ride the whirlwind. Find your roots, your inner roots, your strength, your truth, your courage, your trust in All That Is.

LET GO of all ideas, beliefs, expectations. BE WITH WHAT IS without complaint. Protect what is good and true. Love what is real. DO NOT CHASE ILLUSIONS OF CONTROL OR SAFETY.

Find those whose hearts understand as you do, and swim with these good souls in the raging river that will wash away logjams of ideas and presumptions, will sweep away all that clings to what has been.

It is difficult not to be afraid. How may we find fierce courage and deep trust?

PELÉ: You know. Be silent, quiet,
still – and LISTEN. Let your Deep Heart speak and guide you.

YOU ARE HERE NOW FOR A REASON. What can you contribute to the Rising Tide of Change?

Is there anything else You can tell us?

PELÉ: Be the Voice of the Deep Truths.

Allow the fierce Fire of Creation to live and burn and shine in you, through you, without resistance or need for comprehension. Let your molten lava-love flow forth from your heart, destroying outmoded structures, bringing forth new land from the sea. Trust in the Cycle of Creation.

Suggested Contemplations

What illusions are difficult to let go of?
What is your Deep Heart whispering to you?
How can the Fire of Creation shine through you?

Your responses, comments or questions are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!

#2 Balancing in Stillness

Balancing in Stillness – Vernal Equinox 2009

On the Equinox, Dark and Light are equal. From now until the Summer Solstice, the days grow longer than the nights. This is the Apex of Spring: plants in full flower, birds building nests and laying eggs, new life stirring everywhere.

In our nation’s capital and around the world, there is a ferment of new activity, as we enter Pluto/Shiva’s 20 year reign over Capricorn, the sign of large structures. Massive, out-dated institutions crumble before our eyes, and we struggle to birth new ways of relating to one another, in the realms of finance, resources, media, manufacturing, trade, energy and many more.

Which way will the balance swing? Toward honesty, fairness and openness, pragmatism, respect and compassion for all? Or will Will we regress to ideology, tribalism, greed, hoarding and antagonism?

A World-wide Meditation
At this crucial time, many people are joining in a world-wide meditation inspired by the Karmapa of Tibet. For five minutes twice a day, sit quietly and ask to be of service to Being/Spirit/God/All That Is. On the West Coast, the times are 9:00 a.m. and 6:55 p.m. Make no effort. Simply allow Being to use you, perhaps as generator of a needed quality of Essence.


Here, I offer two paintings and two poems, in celebration of our Oneness with Mother Earth and All That Is.

Earthchild’s Psalm for Spring

Mine eyes are fitted to the curves of Thy hills and valleys.
They are made to love Thy green leaves and blue skies.
Mine ears are shaped to delight in the sounds of Thy waters flowing,
Thy creatures singing.
My cheeks are made to blush at Thy winter’s kiss.

Of Thy stone, my bones.
Of Thy waters, my blood.

Of Thy feast, my flesh.
Of Thy winds, my breath.

Of Thy fire, my mind.
Of Thy love, my soul.

O Mother Earth,
Most Sacred Mystery,
I am wholly Thy child.
I give Thee thanks for my life.


Rainbow Pearl

I am the Heart of our Earth,
more powerful than I know.

Whatever I do resonates outward,
reverberating in the magnetic-etheric
Field of the Rainbow Pearl,
our only Home,
Mother Earth.

Whether I sing, pray, chant,
create, meditate love, OR
worry, doubt, fear, resist, agitate hate,
I affect the Field in which
we all live and have our being.

Our actions matter.
Our words matter.
Our lives matter,
each one of us.

Let us live with this awareness,
with caution, care and love.
Let us honor and respect ourselves
and each other
as the powerful, wonderful,
dangerous beings
we are.
Suggested Contemplations

What is hanging in the balance for you?
What is coming into bloom in your life?
If we are powerful, wonderful and dangerous beings,
what responsibilities do we carry?
Your responses, comments or questions are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!

#1 Beginning of Spring

The Pathless Path – February 1, 2009

In the ancient ways, Spring begins in February. The days are growing longer, the light is returning. The seeds in the earth are beginning to stir, but we do not yet know if and when they will sprout, or what they may become. Blossoms begin to appear but will they bear fruit? In our nation’s capital, new life is stirring but we don’t yet know what may emerge.

In times like this, we don’t yet see the path ahead, only sense the vague stirrings of new life in our depths. We can let fear keep us to old, safe paths, or we can ” … step off the path deliberately, … choose pathlessness, as if (we) know where (we) are going.” (Ursula K. Le Guin, The Beginning Place)

Here is a Dream and Dialog to support you in trusting your unique path, even when you can’t see where it leads.


DREAM – 10/5/1995
…I am walking along a dirt path, following an older woman (an Elder?), joining her in singing a song that has silly lyrics about leaving San Francisco for Hippie Hollow but has a beautiful, rich, sophisticated and interesting melody. Our voices blend till they almost sound as one. I’m very happy, walking and singing.


R: Dear Elder Woman, I loved walking with you, singing the Path Song with you, how our voices blended in the unique harmonies of the Song. Thank you for sharing this with me in our dream. I would love to sing like that, live my life like that – lightly, beautifully, harmoniously, singing along the path, not even thinking about the destination. Will you dialog with me? Who are you?

ELDER WOMAN: “I am ahead of you. You cannot see my face. I may even be a future you. No need to fuss over who I am, where we’re going, how to get there. The song carries us along and makes the journey a joy.

“Follow your Path Song and you arrive where you need to be. All that is needed is to listen for the song, and follow it singing!

“Your song is the one that brings you joy, gives you light feet, a light heart, that reveals the beauty around you each moment as you walk along. When the journey becomes difficult, stop and listen for the song. Perhaps you have lost your way, your true path.

“Life does not need to be a struggle… But how many of you remember to listen for your song? So noisy! So busy! No wonder life becomes so difficult.

“Only stop and listen. Get Quiet. Begin. Sing your Path Song as you go along.”

Suggested Contemplations

What new but unseen life-force is stirring in your depths?

What gives you light feet, a light heart?

Can you hear your Path Song?

All art and writing by Rahima Warren unless otherwise noted. Your comments are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!

Soulplay Communiqués

Soulplay Communiqués

SoulPlay Communiqués: Moments of Awakening

In 2009 I sent out eight SoulPlay Communiqués, in accordance with the annual cycle of light and darkness on our home planet, Mother Earth. These Communiqués are gifts of inspiration and support for your Journey Home, as you explore the heights of Spirit and the depths of Soul. Each Communiqué includes my original art and writing, and Suggested Contemplations.


P.S. Each of us has gathered wisdom from our unique journeys through life. I hope we can come together as a spiritual community to share in the harvest. Please write me with any questions or inspirations that may arise for you in response to these Communiqués. With your permission, these may be included in future Communiqués. Here is one woman’s response:

“Thank you, thank you, Rahima, for this ongoing gift to us all! The images and poetry and gentle suggestions are so beautifully all of one hue. This is truly the fruit of so much life, labor and love, with the depth of mastery that can only come from allowing the soul to take us into the abyss/dark fecundity of the mystery.”

§ February 1st – Beginning of Spring – The Pathless Path
§ March 21st – Vernal Equinox – Balancing in Stillness
§ May 1st – Beginning of Summer – Creative Fire
§ June 21st – Summer Solstice – The Soul’s Joy
§ August 1st – Beginning of Autumn – Inner Harvest
§ September 21st – Autumnal Equinox – Balancing in the Flow
§ November 1st – Beginning of Winter – Facing the Unseen
§ December 21st – Winter Solstice – Luminous Darkness