Wisdom of Mischief

Wisdom of Mischief


DREAM: The Wisdom of Mischief

I’m at a retreat or gathering. I’m upset, sad, trying to figure out what to do with myself – go on a solo retreat? or?

…I find a place with a big fireplace and stay by myself tending the fire for a while, trying to start a new fire out of the old embers and ashes.

…I’m with an interesting lively man with short, thick dark hair. He’s sympathetic, accepting of my distress yet not affected by it. I have a necklace chain in my hand and am searching in my purse for a cross to put on it, and other symbols from my past. He gives me a black plastic, pear-shaped toy bomb. I put the chain with its symbols in the bomb with other toys from or about my life.

He, with numinous mischief and cheerfulness, encourages me to throw the bomb. Catching the wild free joy of him, I throw it. It explodes, destroying the contents but nothing else. Bits of things go every which way against a vivid scene of green hills, blue sky, and a brown dirt road.

Now I am changed, renewed. I tell him, a bit shyly, “I always was such a good girl”. I feel freed of this old pattern, free to leave it behind. It is time to rejoin the group. I try to pull on my old comfy jeans. They no longer fit me so well.


R: Hello, you seem so alive, so wiry-vibrant, so full of wisdom and mischief. Thank you for helping me transform myself in this dream. How can I bring you more into the world/life/myself?

MISCHIEF: Explode old attitudes and beliefs! Keep moving beyond. Stop trying to keep yourself in old roles, in any role. Step out into the wide world, free and awake.
See the colors, feel the air moving. It holds no shape for long. Move! Move on!
Dance up up and away. Let it go. Let it all go.

Sing your love song to the universe! Chant, pray, make new ceremony to celebrate Sacred Mystery. Love deeply, fully.

Go beyond who you think you are with every step you take.

Do you have all the answers to Mystery? Assume nothing. Listen to your Heart and Soul. Do soul art – make wonderful things from clay in the sunshine. Eat strawberries for breakfast. Whatever brings you more awake – do it!

R: What about the suffering and misery in the world? What do we do about that?

MISCHIEF: What can you do? Will your guilt or suffering change the way of the world? Or will your joy, creativity, mischief, laughter and going beyond?? What is more likely to make a difference – matching the grays and browns of the misery of the world, or waking up to the blue and green and sunshine colors of the world’s beauty? GUESS!!

You can help those who suffer by going beyond the frame, stepping out of the black and white into the colors. You have a chance. Others do not.

Don’t waste this precious, rare jewel – a life which gives you a chance to step out of the misery, wake up to the colors, the beauty.

Your reports of your travels beyond are what bring hope into the world. Go Now!

Suggested Contemplations

  • How have you ventured beyond the frame, beyond the grays and browns?
  • What wisdom, hope or mischief can you share with the world?

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