The Animal Spirits and their Priestess welcome you. May we all awaken to Oneness in time to change our ways and save our only Home.

§ Here, ANIMAL SPIRITS speak with wisdom, humor, and love for humanity. Their Priestess speaks Truth that some would deny.

o The Priestess of Animals
o Coyote’s Challenge
o Crocodile’s Humor
o Fox’s Secrets
o Spider Princess

§ Here, my spirit brother, HAWK, shares his compassion, wisdom and a warning.

o Hawk’s Message
o Hawk’s Wisdom
o Hawk’s Compassion
o Hawk’s Warning 

§ WILD HEART RETREAT: Here, grief and fear for our Mother Earth are expressed and transformed through art and ceremony; Wolf poses a choice for all humans; and Bear Shaman weaves magic and healing for Mother Earth.

o Wild Heart Retreat
o Lost Wolf
o Bear Shaman

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