Crocodile’s Humor

Crocodile’s Humor




I am snuggling with a crocodile. He is lying on top of me, and is short enough that his head is on my shoulder. His belly is surprisingly smooth, even soft. He is very friendly and seems wise and ancient. He likes my warmth because he is cold-blooded.


R: Hello Crocodile. Thanks for being in my dream. I liked our connection. You were very different than what I’ve heard about physical crocodiles. Will you talk with me?

CROC: Hrrrmm. Hrrmm. Maybe perhaps possibly. It was nice snuggling with you. You are warm and soft.

R: Yes, you were very cozy. Your belly was smooth and I liked your energy.

CROC: I like to wander around you know, here and there, doze in the sunshine, lie about on the river bank.

R: Yes – and you can suddenly move fast to catch your prey and fiercely bite it and eat it, too, right?

CROC: Oh – sometimes yes, when I’m hungry. But mostly I’m not so direct. I like to wander about, watch what goes on. You know – nothing much changes – everybody goes along according to their nature – you know – birds hop about, cows munch grass, it rains or it doesn’t – Still, it’s quite fascinating.

R: What about us two-leggeds?

CROC: Well, you go on finding ways to get upset and suffer and so on. You seem to like to worry and fuss a lot.

R: You don’t worry about anything – even what we two-leggeds are doing to the planet – wiping out species, destroying animals’ habitats, clearing out jungles and forests? Isn’t that all dangerous?

CROC: Yes, you all are very busy, scaring yourselves and others, causing lots of trouble. That’s your middle name, Trouble – Humanus Trouble-us Sapiens – yes. You humans are like that. YAWN!! I liked snuggling with you. That felt good!

R: Sounds like you just observe, you don’t judge or worry much.

CROC: You know, it’s very nice to lie in the sun on a river bank, listening to the river, the wind, the birds, the snakes rustling in the grass, sniffing to see who’s coming along to be dinner, watching what everybody is up to. It’s very entertaining.

I do wonder sometimes why you mammals are so busy all the time – must be all that hot blood running in your veins. But you know Mother Earth gave you birth so I’m sure She knows what She is doing. It’s fun to eat one of you now and again. Stirs up such a fuss!

R: But don’t they come and kill the crocodile who eats a human?

CROC: YAWN! Oh yes, you know – life, death – it’s all rather amusing, don’t you think?

Suggested Contemplation

  • How would it be to adopt wise, old Crocodile’s relaxed attitude about life – and death?

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