Fox’s Secrets

Fox’s Secrets



R: Dear Fox, I feel I need to learn from you – the subtleties, indirectness, seeing beyond the ordinary – into the subtle realm of spirit – So I make this Shield in your honor. Will you speak with me?

FOX: Looking directly at the world yet with your spirit held within,
keeping your secrets – this is my way.
Letting Mystery reside in your eyes.

Staying in touch within,
with the depths of sorrow and darkness,
without denial,
without dwelling on pain, anger, injustice,
with the Mystery of the World of Opposites, the world that you inhabit,
with your deep knowing.

Acknowledge this that you know:
that there is no “Answer”
but the one each creates for self,
no protection but non-attachment,
no love that is secure,
no guidance for the choice-maker –
while yet there may be assistance once the choice is made.

You who live on the Sea of Changes
have no choice
but to dance from wave top to trough
and learn the ways of the Winds.

Be aware.       Listen.         Be still.

In this way, you may perceive
the subtleties, or hear
the voice of Spirit.

R: What in me needs to change or die, for me to move closer to your way of seeing?

Anxiety about right and; wrong, good and bad;
Fear of difference;
Expectation and assumption

R: How can I allow these to release?

FOX: Dance for yourself and no one else.

Hunt alone, only for your family.

Let the silt settle to the bottom
of the pond so your mind is
clear and quiet.

Sit softly with yourself
in the wild thicket of life.

Suggested Contemplation

  • Take a moment to breathe, let the silt settle, and sit softly with yourself in the wild thicket of life.

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