Hawk’s Compassion


July 1996

R: Hawk Brother, I was surprised when you emerged in my art in your Kachina form. You are so powerful and beautiful – human and hawk and angel, emerging from the black void full of inchoate creative energy, with the Earth as your Heart. I remember the pain you suffered in becoming human, how you didn’t understand the meanness of humans yet had no anger or blame in your eyes, only pain. Do you have a message for us or me?

HAWK: Oh, the difficult path you have chosen by being human – lost from the undifferentiated oneness of Nature, separated from the Oneness of Spirit – walking the knife’s edge of awareness and individuation.

O brave souls, know that you are doing this work for all that is, bringing a new awareness into the Universe, a new and brilliant light, though fraught with the pain of birthing.

Walk in this awareness that we Spirits of Nature sing for you as you struggle to birth the new perspective, this great addition to awareness and comprehension, this new form of Spirit in the Universe. It is so difficult! Walk with compassion in your hearts for yourself and your brothers and sisters.

R: O Hawk Brother! I cry for the wreckage and devastation we humans inflict on innocent animals and Nature and Mother Earth. Isn’t this more important – that we humans learn humility and respect and reverence and how to live in balance with all our relations and with Mother Earth?

HAWK: This is part of the struggle of evolving a greater awareness. We Spirits of Nature are here to remind you of your need to grow in reverence and to learn to care for your home, this Earth. Yet those of us whose children must die in this great struggle sadly and gladly make this sacrifice.

R: What is most important now?

HAWK: Live – and let live. Live and grow, learn and develop your awareness. Bring consciousness of unity from the experience of individuality into the Universe. Learn to control your greed. Be aware of the needs of Nature, become good care-takers of the Earth.

These two are not two – they are part of the same struggle. Despair not. It is a great and holy birthing of awareness that you are all midwifing with your tears and suffering. Walk proudly with hearts of compassion. We love you.

Suggested Contemplations

  • How do you respond to Hawk’s compassion and his message of the willing sacrifice of many species for humanity’s evolution?
  • Do you have a sense of the holy birthing of a new awareness that Hawk speaks of?

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