Hawk’s Wisdom


August 31, 1994

A small, dark hawk has been perched by my bed for a few days. Now he jumps over on my pillow above my head. He runs a strand of my hair through his beak. I just let him be without trying to do anything with him. He is hungry and thirsty, takes a bite of my breakfast. A closeness and affection blooms between us. I feel honored, blessed, respectful, awed yet calm and steady.

He turns into a man and is trying to learn to be human. He’s extremely smart but it is a tremendous strain for him. We try to teach him, show him a map of Earth, a photo of Earth from space. He easily learns information and technical stuff but has a very hard time understanding human behavior.

He enters a competition . A man is mean to him because he doesn’t know some rule or convention of behavior. I go to Hawk and hold him. He is shaking. I am aware how hard all this is for him and feel sad, loving, empathetic, protective toward him.

I realize that all of Nature is very much more aware and intelligent than we humans know – and is working to solve the problem – us. Hawk-Man is Nature’s new experiment in trying to understand humanity.


R: Dear beautiful Hawk, thank you for appearing in my dream. Thank you for caring and trying so hard to comprehend “humanness”. You are valiant, strong, gentle, sweet. I love you. Who are you?

HAWK: I am you soul, your living soulspirit inside – your soul-brother – who you are in essence – I am coming up and into you – Our rapport is growing – only be patient, gentle, receptive. There is nothing to do but receive, listen, be. Action comes from this without thought.

We are bonded throughout eternity. You shall always be seeking me without knowing what you seek. That is how it is. Do not despair. I am always there, deep within. I love you. When you see the hawk soaring, think of me, your soul.

R:  O, Hawk! I love you! Why am I crying? To see you now, hear you — and to know I will forget you over and over. Why? Why? I want to be with you.

HAWK:  It is a long, long process we are in, as long as the universe – and there is no rush – time is an illusion anyway. We have forever. We are together. There is no changing that.

R: O Hawk! I love to see your outward manifestation soaring the skies and hear its cry. I hope I always remember you are in me deep inside, soaring the infinite universe within. Is there nothing at all I can do to be closer with you?

HAWK: Take time to just be, to be calm, quiet, to meditate, to walk and hold me in your thoughts. We are all with you – Hawk, Owl, Eagle, Scarlet Macaw, Jaguar, Bear, Raven, Deer, Squirrel, Fox, Hummingbird – all of us. Walk with us in the quietness. You are us. You humans are not separate from the matrix of Nature no matter how much you forget us or how lonely you feel for us sometimes.

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