Lost Wolf

Lost Wolf


September 11, 2000

I’m looking out the window of a house at the backyard. I see an animal. At first, it looks like a large red fox, but not quite. Its eyes are very sharp and aware. Now it stands up and it looks like a large, rangy wolf with some red in its coat, and a white chin. Our eyes meet. His eyes are very aware but warmer than the fox’s. I get the impression that the wolf is alone and lost in suburbia, but is wily and surviving somehow.


WOLF:  Owoooo! Where is my pack, my loved ones? Where is wild land I can call home? I am lost, alone in this vast sea of houses and roads and people. Where can I go that you won’t trap and kill me? Where can I hunt for my own food?

R:  I am so sorry, Old Wolf. I hate to see you so lost and alone. I grieve for the loss of your family and home. What can I do to help?

WOLF:  We are brothers, you and I. We both love our families and try to provide for them. We both are children of the same Mother, the Creator and Sustainer of All Life, our Mother Earth. Can you not restrain your greed and power enough to leave me somewhere to live wild and free with my family?

Leave the wild places wild. Here you can afford to set limits on human expansion, human rapaciousness, and set aside some wild lands just for your wild brothers and sisters. Your land can be the Noah’s Ark for the world in the coming disasters.

R: It seems like WE are the disaster, we humans, with our need for fire and shelter, our continual traveling everywhere, our continual breeding of more and more children even in the face of starvation and poverty. Why are we here? What is Mother Earth up to in creating us, allowing us to thrive and multiply and invent ourselves into becoming a plague on the planet?

WOLF: You are Her children, her most complex creation, fragile and dangerous.

From Her great heart, she brought into being creatures who can love and sing and make music and worship the awesomeness of the Universe, who can go beyond the beautiful and merciless existence of Nature to find meaning and appreciate beauty, to invent new ways to live.

From Her great heart, she is allowing you the freedom to explore and become whatever you can be, whatever you are willing to risk becoming.

She cannot protect you from the consequences of your choices without invalidating Her own choice and intention.

Therefore, you are on your own, dear humans. You may live or die, create or destroy, allow yourselves to be guided by love or ruled by fear.

Whatever your choices are, She will allow them to play out for good or ill. Life will start over, even if you choose the path of annihilation. She will create Life anew as She has before.

 Suggested Contemplations

  • What choices are you making?
  • What are you willing to risk becoming?

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