Priestess of Animals

Priestess of Animals

Priestess of Animals – 08/15/2008

May 5, 1981


There is a Temple of Animals. It has been desecrated. Vandals have thrown red paint on the stained glass pictures of the animals, which had been in vibrant, jewel tones. The Chapel is in warm wood tones.

A Priestess of the Temple stands before a group of reporters to explain what happened. She is tall and straight, and wears a gray dress, the color of cloudy gray sky, and a sky blue mantle, called a “grating”, and a gray veil.

She says she is speaking with us “because there is no cover.” As she proceeds to talk with us, her veil slips away, then her mantle. Then her gray dress slips a bit and reveals a black dress with heavy embroidery on the shoulders. Then the dress slips off her shoulders until her torso is bare. Her breasts are revealed. She repeats, “There is no cover.”

Dialog with the Priestess


R: I dreamed of you many years ago. Now I read this dream again and find it still so powerful. Will you speak with me after all these years? Who are you?

PRIESTESS: I am a priestess of the Temple of Animals. I have served loyally here, hoping to bring honor to the Animals, to bring humans and animals into harmony, to help humans honor the Animal Spirits who love them. Clearly I have not totally succeeded. Some do not yet understand the deeper realities of life on this planet. This is sad but to be expected.

R: You powerfully demonstrated the message “There is no cover.” Would you tell me more of what you meant?

PRIESTESS: There is no protection from those who do not understand.

There is no protection from desecration.

There is no cover from the results of ignorance, from the consequences of desecration.

It is one world and all will suffer the inner and outer effects of disharmony, the consequences of disrespect for the natural world, the results of destruction of our animal brethren and their homes.

There is no cover even for the wealthiest and most powerful when the air and rain are weakened, when the soil and seas are poisoned, when we lose our soul connection with the Animal Spirits. This is my message.

R: Why can so few understand this truth?

PRIESTESS: Of course it is fear and greed, based on the delusion of separation and special dispensation, fostered by the illusion of protection, authorized by the fairy tale of scientific knowledge, fed by the fantasy of power and control.

R: What do you mean “our soul connection with Animal Spirits”?

PRIESTESS: On inner planes, Animal Spirits exist eternally as spirit beings, with outer manifestations on the Earth plane, just as we do. They love us struggling “two-leggeds” who have chosen such a difficult path – the path toward consciousness. They are willing to be our spirit helpers if we choose to listen to them.

R: What can we do for the Animals?

PRIESTESS: Stand forth for the Animals, Trees, for Earth, Air and Water. Reveal the truth in dramatic and non-threatening ways.

Provide a way of Beauty for yourselves and others to return to harmony.

Learn to listen to the Animal Spirits and bring forth their messages. Listen more deeply to hear the messages all around us.

Suggested Contemplations

  • What is your connection with the Animal Spirits?
  • What messages do you hear?

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