Spider Princess

Spider Princess


June 6, 2001

There is a Spider Princess who may be a Queen. This is being debated. She wants the “weep of food.”

I am sleeping in bed. The Spider Princess is crawling over my quilt. The phone rings (in reality). In the dream, I throw the quilt up and knock the Spider Princess away.


R: I dreamed of you this morning but our dream was cut short. I sense your energy – strong, determined, a little scary to me. Who are you?

SPIDER: I am a royal one, fierce and strong. I trap my prey and take in the sweet life juices. I will not be denied!

R: What do you want? Why did you crawl into my dream?
SPIDER: I want my rightful place in the royal family. I am the Princess and will be the Queen! Do not deny me any longer!

R: How have I been denying you?

SPIDER: You do not see. You do not believe in our Royalty. You deny our true nature. You pretend I do not exist – the one who takes what is hers by right given by Nature, She who created us as we are, as we must be and shall be. Why do you pretend the predator is not in you?

R: How do I need to honor the predator?

SPIDER: Choose your prey – your goal in life – and stalk it with focus, determination and stealth. Be the royal one you are. Honor your Creator by being who you are made to be – proudly and freely, letting go of guilt and false obligations that you have strapped around your own neck.

R: It is a powerful message. Is there anything else you want to tell me?

SPIDER: Respect me and all others as Royalty created by the One to proudly be exactly what we are, beyond all frail concepts of duality.

R: How can I choose noble actions without some concept of nobility, of what is right or good?

SPIDER: By sensing what is making the web quiver, you know which way to move in each moment. Pay attention. Be aware. Know your own nature and the nature of others. Feel the flow of energy. Then you know what to choose.

In one moment, the “good” may be the opposite of what it was in a previous moment. Release all beliefs and assume nothing.

Be awake in all your capacities and senses. Respond without agonizing thought, like a warrior.

Suggested Contemplations

  • How do you honor your own and others’ Royalty?
  • What ‘prey’ are you stalking?
  • What do you think of Spider’s way of sensing what is good in each moment?

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