Death is a Gift

Death is a Gift



I am in our living room. I go out on the deck and realize a Hawk has come. Somehow I know the Hawk has come especially for us.

The Hawk falls onto the lawn, perfectly transfixed by an arrow. There is no blood. It seems peaceful, a glad sacrifice. My husband is about to cut off its head to keep with honor. I wonder what we are to do with the body. Are we to eat it? I try to imagine this.

As I wake up, I wonder why we killed the Hawk, and feel horrified that we did. But in the dream, it had seemed so right, such a glad event!


R: Dear Hawk, my Spirit Brother, whom I seek, forget, recall, seek forever, I love you so. Thank you for coming again in my dream. Please help me understand your message. What is the meaning of your sacrifice, your death?

HAWK: Serenely I soar the skies to you and gladly I die for you, a woman of humanity. I bring you my head, my vision, my hunter sight, that which you need – for is All not One?

My death is a gift and nothing is lost. I am a manifestation of the Oneness as are you, death a mere transformation, a change of form within the Everness of the One.

Eat of me that I may live in you and you in me. Take me into your heart with honor and love. Let me soar in your eyes. Let us know the One Love together.

Grieve not. Nothing is lost in all the sea of changes. Only Love matters. It is the matrix, the Source and Substance of All That Is. Deny this and you are lost, adrift on the sea, tossed from wavetop to trough. Know this and you have your compass rose to show you the way.

R: Dear Hawk, the Arrow that pierces your Heart is so clear to me. Straight and true. In the dream, I am glad and excited that the Arrow killed you so cleanly, and for your coming to us. Can you tell me, who shot the Arrow?

HAWK: You, dear one. You loosed the Arrow from the Bow, a true shot and lovely. You are the Hunter for the Soul. Take me in and I am yours. Let me awaken you from the death-trance, the fear of change and death. See beyond to Truth and Light.

R: Dear Hawk, how can I love you? What can I do for you?

HAWK: Sing the Light, worship in Mystery, Love in the face of the illusion of separateness and loss. Love me with your eyes when I soar through the skies. Abandon worry for the Dance.

Suggested Contemplations

  • How are you a Hunter for the Soul?
  • Do you see death as Hawk does? As a change of form in the Everness of the One?

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