Fire of Suffering


Summer 2001

The Six-Armed God stands strong, powerful and centered in the midst of the Fire of Suffering. He holds up a skull showing he has faced the fear of Death. With the Sword of Truth, he has carved open his own Heart, revealing the Golden Light within. His sword drips his own Blood into the Fire as an offering.

The Snake of Wisdom twines about his shoulders and arms and whispers in his ear. He lifts up the Spirit of the Divine Feminine. He holds the Divine Child close to his Heart, and gently touches a woman made of smoke from the Fire. He is in touch with his own suffering and the suffering of the world.

This painting is part of a passionate opening to creativity, sexuality and spirituality, which also included writing a deep, dark, rich and healing spiritual fantasy trilogy. The Six-Armed God is mysteriously related to the hero of this story, to a hidden part of my soul that emerged into the world through the process of free, creative expression. His message is fierce and true.

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