Sacrifice Making Sacred

Sacrifice Means Making Sacred

April 7, 1998


Ermine comes to me to be my ally – which means that she comes to me just so I can kill her – sacrifice her as a part of my quest. I experience her slow but willing death with my hands on her body – feeling the incredibly rich soft silky fur, feeling its warmth, feeling the slowing of her heart beat and breath.

There’s a wonderful loving rapport between us. I am very touched by her willing sacrifice of her own life in order to help me and be my ally. I feel/see a great love radiating to me from her. She even kisses my hand so I will know for sure she loves me and wants to give her life for me. Her fur is mostly black with some white markings.


R: I am so touched by your willing sacrifice of yourself for my benefit, yet I am sad at your death. I am honored and moved by your great love for me and willingness or desire to be my ally. I sense that by being with you during your dying, I somehow connected with you deeply, perhaps taking you within my soul. Please tell me about yourself and why you came to me in this powerful way.

ERMINE: I am an Ermine of the Night World. You sense my beauty and rich darkness – the depth of silky lustrous dark fur I bear. You sense my loving heart and gladness to die for you.

R: What haunts me is the feeling of being with your dying, your giving your life to me – the warmth of your still-living body, the beating of your small heart, the immanence of your great lovingness, the slowing of your breath, the intensity of rapport we shared, the knowing of your sacrifice to me and the love of this act.

What can you share with me of the reason for your dying? Tell me the deepest truth I can hear now.

ERMINE: Dying can be a supreme act of love and self-sacrifice for something greater to evolve. In some sense, this is what is happening on Earth now. Many species are glad to sacrifice themselves as you homo sapiens – you wise ‘see-ers’, you makers & destroyers – struggle to become greater; you, the craziest, stupidest, wisest, wildest Children of Earth.

For some of you, only the horror and guilt of this can be seen. Most are not aware of our sacrifice at all, nor of the Great Struggle to come into Balance in which your species, Humanity, is engaged.

I bring you the gift of awareness of the love with which our sacrifice is made – dying to be reborn in you, perhaps to be borne into the Universe, if you can bring your nature into Balance within, and into Balance with the Nature of Earth.

Carry us within your hearts, let our natures help you come into Balance. Do not let horror or guilt blind you to the true nature of the Evolution of Earth. She brought your forth for a reason, a purpose.

Your awareness, self-reflection, creativity of mind, eye, hand, body and heart is a true expression of Her Nature/Your Nature. You are Her Child. If you mature in Time, you will find a way to live in harmony without destroying the very Source of your Existence, Your Mother the Earth.

You are in the midst of this vast struggle with your own Nature to find your Wisdom. We are here to assist you, to remind you of your Source, to model ways of Balance, to mirror your own Nature back to you with our thriving or dying.

Accept this gift and honor yourselves for this titanic struggle you must face – to succeed in achieving Balance – or to die, in your turn, making way for the next great Child of Earth.

R: This is hard to accept, though I want to believe there is a purpose to our existence in all its beauty and depravity. It is difficult to let myself feel it is OK to be human with all the damage we are doing to our planet, Mother Earth, and our brother & sister creatures of Earth, and to each other. I do get a sense of the vast struggle you describe. It is so long and slow. I’ll never know the outcome.

ERMINE: Just remember the tenderness of Love and live from that.

Suggested Contemplations

  • How do you respond to Ermine’s message about humanity’s struggle to evolve? about the willing sacrifice of other species for our sake?
  • What sacrifices are needed to make the world sacred and whole again?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice for your spiritual evolution? for the evolution of humanity?

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