Ancient Earth God

Ancient Earth God



I’m out on the balcony of a condo, looking up at a semi-forested hillside. A very shambly, ugly, almost faceless ogre, is shambling around, looking for something. He’s a tannish color, big, strong, un-human and therefore unpredictable. I’m leery of him. When he looks my direction, I close my eyes and pray, “No, don’t see me. Don’t come after me.”

He comes down toward me, and starts to vault up onto the balcony of the condo next to mine, but changes his mind. He then pulls a woman with large blue eyes and dark hair up out of the earth. She is very beautiful, refined, elegant, wearing a blue dress with white trim.

He clumsily tries to give her a drink of a liquid that is a clear, vivid, medium blue. As she wakes up, she takes over, somehow gets the blue liquid into a glass and drinks it.


R: Dear Ogre of my dream, you seemed strange, powerful, non-human. I was afraid of you, didn’t want you to see me. I am amazed and intrigued by you. Who are you?

OGRE: I am of the Earth, an earth-man – ancient, primitive, strong, undefined by social conventions, unknown to you modern busy bees. Long, long ago, you might have known me, but you have all forgotten the deep, old ways of being.

R: You remind me of an old god I have heard of, an Earth god named Ged.

OGRE: God I was and am, Ged a good name for me.

R: What are you hunting for?

GED: My counterpart – the one I love and always seek.

R: But you are so different from her. She is beautiful, refined, elegant, modern, with a vivid face and large blue eyes, and you are…

GED: Opposite – yes. And?

R: Well, what do you want with her?

GED: She is mine, my progeny, my wife, my daughter, my sister, my life, my mother, my lover, my tormentor.

R: And what are you to her?

GED: I am her husband, son, protector, brother, father, lover, abuser – her life as she is mine.

R: You sound inseparable – two halves of a whole?

GED: Inseparable, and always apart, seeking, finding, losing – dancing.

R: Why do you pull her out of the Earth?

GED: I find her, resurrect her, kill her, hunt for her – over and over.

R: What is this blue drink you give her?

GED: Aqua Vita, Water of Life, Restorer, a snare to bring her back to the Dance.

R: What is this Dance? What is its purpose?

GED: The Whirling of the Universe, the Turning of the Galaxies, the Spiraling of the DNA. Eternal, undying Lila, the Play of the Divine in Form, exuberant, creative, spinning worlds into Being.

It is a deep mystery, deep as the Universe, endless vistas to explore, discover, integrate.

Don’t assume you know – anything. Stay open. Listen to all wisdom. Learn forever.

R: Why do you keep on seeking her?

GED: Deep are the ways of woman, not to be known to men, but to be honored and revered.

Women are Goddess. Women are the True Mystery, the Mystery of Truth, of Life, of Love, whom we seek eternally.

Love and honor your depths, your heart, your Truth that is Mystery, and be glad of your unknowable depths.

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