Passion and Mystery


January 1996

O, begin! Shine! Create!
Reach out into the world
with ardor and vision!
Bring change and laughter!
Dance! Make love!
Imbibe Life in all deepness!
Shine brightly in the heavens!

Flow quietly in the Silence.
Shine softly in the depths of the Heart.
Follow the meanders of the Soul
within the Spirals of the Ancestors.
Love gently under the starry skies.
Dream. Contemplate the paradoxes ~
and let them go.

Stay not in quiet solitude.
Come see the beauties of the world!
My Love, let us set forth on great adventures,
find our soul friends and gather together
to worship, celebrate, procreate, feast and sing!

Ah, my fiery one! Hear you not
the owl song, asking the primary question –
Who? Who?
Come explore the inner mysteries,
the stillness at the Source.
Here will we find all ~ all ~ all that is needful.
Look within for true wisdom and joy!

We must dance together, my love!
Join me in the beauteous world
and we will fly to joy and bliss!

Be still. Listen to the wisdom
whispering in the depths,
and we will flow in ecstasy.

Finding a way for Fire and Water to live together ~~
This is the Art of Temperance.

Letting Spirit flow and flame,
balancing creation with contemplation,
reaching with receiving,
dancing with dreaming,
flowing with taking a stand ~~
This is the Art of Living.

Suggested Contemplations

  • Who speaks to your soul, Fiery Passion or Quiet Mystery?
  • In your relationships, which do you tend to embody? How about your partner?
  • How do you find Balance?


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