Soulplay Communiqués

Soulplay Communiqués

SoulPlay Communiqués: Moments of Awakening

In 2009 I sent out eight SoulPlay Communiqués, in accordance with the annual cycle of light and darkness on our home planet, Mother Earth. These Communiqués are gifts of inspiration and support for your Journey Home, as you explore the heights of Spirit and the depths of Soul. Each Communiqué includes my original art and writing, and Suggested Contemplations.


P.S. Each of us has gathered wisdom from our unique journeys through life. I hope we can come together as a spiritual community to share in the harvest. Please write me with any questions or inspirations that may arise for you in response to these Communiqués. With your permission, these may be included in future Communiqués. Here is one woman’s response:

“Thank you, thank you, Rahima, for this ongoing gift to us all! The images and poetry and gentle suggestions are so beautifully all of one hue. This is truly the fruit of so much life, labor and love, with the depth of mastery that can only come from allowing the soul to take us into the abyss/dark fecundity of the mystery.”

§ February 1st – Beginning of Spring – The Pathless Path
§ March 21st – Vernal Equinox – Balancing in Stillness
§ May 1st – Beginning of Summer – Creative Fire
§ June 21st – Summer Solstice – The Soul’s Joy
§ August 1st – Beginning of Autumn – Inner Harvest
§ September 21st – Autumnal Equinox – Balancing in the Flow
§ November 1st – Beginning of Winter – Facing the Unseen
§ December 21st – Winter Solstice – Luminous Darkness

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