Awareness Speaks

Awareness Speaks


The morning after my Journey to the One Awareness, still very much in touch with the experience, I painted this picture.


At a writer’s retreat, I used a photo of this painting in a writing exercise. Others wrote questions inspired by the photo, knowing nothing of what the painting meant to me. Later, I recorded the One’s answers to their questions. (See below) Before reading the One’s responses, you might contemplate this image and discover what questions arise for you. Send me your questions inspired by this painting and
I will listen for Her answer.
If She answers, I will send Her answer to you.    


Q: What star did you come from? What stardust birthed you?

A: I contain all stars. I am all stardust. I am the Great Void, the One Awareness. Out of me all stars emerged.

Q: Why do you just sit there?

A: I exist. I am. You are the do-ers. I am the Observer. Underneath all the doing, there I am – the I who is you – is all the do-ers. All are at the deepest level the One I am.

Q: Who will release the mystery and wisdom?

A:You, the do-ers. It is why you are in form – to bring the wisdom of the One Awareness into the Realm of Action and Form. Can you live from the One Awareness?

Q: Are those blue tears falling from the eyes? And why?

A: Awareness includes All That Is – and All That Is includes all the pain, suffering, cruelty and devastation inflicted in the name of Separateness, all the sadness and grief suffered by those who imagine they have ‘lost’ someone, all the joy of moments of Awareness, moments of Love, moments of Peace.

Q: Can she share some of Her sparkle with me?

A:You are the sparkle in My eye. In the Universe, your uniqueness sparkles like a star. Let your light shine in the world, knowing you/we/All That Is are One. There is nothing that can hide your sparkle except your fear.

Q: Is this a Goddess of Hope?

A:The deepest of hopes – the hope for Re-Union with the One Awareness we all are.

Q: What is in your big, open heart?

A: The Spiral of Being into/out of Oneness, the Dance, the Play – Lila – the Spirals of Light and Darkness together eternally spiraling within each other.

Q:  If this being were given arms and legs, what would she do? Where would she go?

A: I have been given arms and legs – those each of you has.

How am I the One Awareness living? What am I the One Awareness doing as you, these small ones?

I am writing, creating, healing, loving. I am fearing, hiding, clinging to limited awareness.

I am seeking, searching, exploring for the deepest parts of my Self. I am distracted by details, bodily needs, mundane life – over and over and over.

I am being the Eye of the One, Her hands and feet. I am exploring the Illusion of Separateness because it is fun, its is lila – the play of Universal Awareness.

I am indulging in laziness, gluttony, in the fabulous sensations of separateness, in the wonder of two separate beings finding love, tenderness, passion, and in the amazing pain of hate, viciousness, cruelty.

I am learning all the ways of knowing, of relating, of creating, of destroying, of hurting, of celebrating. I am learning the lightness of being when the separate awareness knows the Oneness yet is still separate.

I am becoming an embracer of Beingness, a knower of Oneness.

All doing is necessary illusion for these Becomings, part of the dance of the quarks, atoms, molecules of Oneness, each becoming Aware of the Self, an Eye of the Universe.

As more and more and more Eyes open to Oneness, more stars are born and the Universe is brighter and brighter, full of Light forever!

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