Gems from the Journey

Gems from the Journey

The cosmos longs for us to blossom
and spread our wings.

Left Hand Dancing

Sensing the energy flow
 from here on the surface
 of things as they seem,
I am following the deeper path
of the underground waters.

Following the water path
through the Door
into the Cavern of
the Underground Waters,

Following the River’s flow
through the Darkness
to the Stone Center.

Dwelling in the Stone
in the Stillness
in the Silence
in the Center.

Dwelling in the Center
of the Cosmos
as the Cosmos.

Returning from afar,
Returning to
the Cosmos,
to the Center,
to the Cavern
a long, long way.

Returning as a Witness
to the Center
to the Waters,
to the Cosmos Within.

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