Trance Journey guided by MGB

For this journey, I was asking to release my shackles of self-doubt and fear, which have been holding me back from my sacred work. I had no ideas or images for this journey. It took me much farther than I ever imagined possible. MGB guided me into a relaxed state.

MGB: How are you now?

R: I feel very relaxed, quiet, ears are getting warm and my face is getting warm. I feel energy in my hands. I am not getting any images.

MGB: What is happening in your hand? (R’s left hand is flowing in a gentle hand dance.) See Poem “Left Hand Dancing”

R: It’s almost like it’s moving by itself. I feel like it’s saying:

“Feel me, see me. The other you, your other self, Independent of my own life.”
“All the time I am going this other way, the surface is going along doing your outer life. Always I am here and following the underground waters, streams, rivers underground.”

“It’s happening gently without you knowing, taking you places, where we need to go. I want you to follow me more. Listen to me more. Be like a dowsing rod, finding the underground water by feel without thinking, without worrying about convention, conventionality.

“Even if no one else can see these underground rivers, you can feel them and follow them and flow. No need to turn to others, to look at others for approval. Follow that dowsing rod, the energy. Let go of the outer life that everyone says is real.

“Open the door to the deeper life and go down. Go down into a cavern inside in the darkness. Follow the underground river through the forest of stone columns, stalactites and stalagmites… stumble through the darkness with only your trust to guide you.”

MGB: What is happening now? (Both R’s hands are moving together as if in dance.)

“I am going deeper, deeper inside. Going to the stone center.
Dwelling in the center in the darkness.”

“Feeling the spiral energy of the galaxy, the DNA spiraling.
Being the dweller of the cosmos…”
“I am the dweller of the cosmos.”
“Everything is in me, the universe is in me and I am it.”

Suggested Contemplations

  • How have you experienced the One Awareness We All Are?
  • What effect has this had on you?

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