Underground Waters

Goddess of the Underground Waters



Going on the Journey was a major reversal of perspective – from looking through a microscope at my little self, to looking through a huge telescope at the Center of the Cosmos – and seeing my/our/the Cosmic Self.

Now, of course, it’s switching back: ordinary life demands my attention. But now I know there is Something/Someone at “the other end of the telescope” – the One Awareness I Am/We All Are.


Following the underground waters
through the darkness
to the Center,
the eye of “i”,
sees to the heart of the Cosmos,
sees the “I”
all “i’s” are.



R: Looking through the wrong end of the telescope again. Ego concerns & fears & fantasies dominate my mind. The One Awareness seems so far away.

Dear Guardian of Awareness, Goddess of the Underground Waters, what wisdom do I need to hear today?

GODDESS: Currents and ripples are there always, flowing deep and shallow. So it is with you, all of you. The noisy ripples of the surface attract much attention, obscuring the deep, quiet tone of oneness, of flow, of the River of Life. Why do you avoid creating time every day to let the ripples settle down, to listen to the silence of the One?

R: A part of me just wants to be ordinary, like every one around – merely human. I get tired of being conscious, just want to forget this mind, this busy little life and sink into some other story (books, TV etc).

GODDESS: This is a ripple. What else?

R: Am I afraid to surrender to Self, to Spirit? That’s probably it. What can I do?

GODDESS: Trust the Flow of the Self. It is carrying you to Spirit regardless of Ego’s frantic ripple-making. Heed the little voice that questions. Notice the heavy voice that dampens. Open your eye of witnessing without judgment.

Experiment with a new way of yielding to Self, without criticizing ego. Carry her, little ego, gently in your larger arms. Adopt a posture of watchfulness, like Coyote. Be alert for the ways you yield to ego’s fears, and notice if there is another choice.

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