Cocoon to Butterfly

Cocoon to Butterfly

Cocoon to Butterfly: A Creative Connection ® Process


This is an example of the transformative power of creative expression. This process took place in a group with Natalie Rogers, author of The Creative Connection.® My process was facilitated by Maria Gonzalez-Blue, one of the teachers at the Person-Centered Expressive Therapy Institute, founded by Natalie.

Movement:  I was crying, feeling totally confused about who I am, collapsing on the floor.

Someone says: “The caterpillar in the cocoon completely dissolves before reforming as a butterfly.”

I feel like that dissolving caterpillar, like a leaf on a river.. Living in paradox – where there are no matches for my ideas or visions of myself.

Movement:  Feeling desperate to get out of my linear, logical left-brain. Animal Within growling. Covering right eye with a bandana, going outside, bare feet on the earth, dancing – singing tones – walking, growling – Drumming, drumming. Maria joined in, drumming with me.

Art:  Drew with left hand & left eye, a Butterfly Woman half-emerging from the Earth Cocoon.


Butterfly Woman says:

“I am emerging.
I am feeling my way.
I am arising, bringing a new day.

I am blue-sky child of Earth.
I am leaping up in joy and mirth.

I am diaphanous and strong.
I belong! I belong!

I am sensitive in many ways.
I sense the subtle energies at play.

I am connected. My feelers/feelings
connect me with the Divine Play.”

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