Griffen vs Basilisk

Griffen vs Basilisk



I’m outside on lovely clear evening, not dark yet but the sun has set. I see a large bird launch itself from the top of a very tall fir tree. As it wheels toward me, I see its size and think it must be a golden eagle, and wish it to come closer. It does and I see its distinct and unique shape and coloring – a large body with wide but stubby-looking wings and tail with a ragged pattern of wing feathers – mottled black & white – and a ragged crest. Very powerful and ancient – not as smooth and sleek as modern birds. I realize it is a “griffen” (knowing that it is not the mythological griffin).

I feel very excited & joyous and rush in (after it is gone) to look it up in our red bird book. I tell everyone I’ve seen a griffen. A woman immediately pooh-pooh’s this in a sneering way, saying she’ll show me a picture of a griffin to prove I’m wrong. I get mad at her, almost hit her, demanding to know why she always has to say such nasty put-downs to others.


R: Ancient mystery and power flying above in the clear evening air, I see and revere you. I am glad and joyful that you let me see you in my dream. You are as old as, as powerful as the Basilisk. Will you speak to me?

Griffen: Heavy with power yet I soar and rise above the obstacles of this world.

R: Teach me, wise ancient one, what can I do to soar above the obstacles, overcome the Basilisk ?

Griffen: Know your power, your reality. Feel your deepest roots, how you are an outgrowth of ancient lines of power. Otherwise, you would not exist, your ancestors would not have survived.

R: How can I defeat the Basilisk of Inertia once and for all?

Griffen: Hers is an ancient power not easily defeated. She cannot be eradicated. Her roots run deep, back before the time of your ancestors, back to the age of the creatures you call dinosaurs. She can only be lulled to sleep by reassurance and a solid confidence in yourself.

R: Aye, there’s the rub. I seem to be stuck here – not quite enough confidence to lull her to sleep.

Griffen: Sing yourself. Sing her to sleep. Let your cry be heard in the skies!


Griffen: A slow heavy lizard lying in the dark depths with glowing glaring eyes and lashing tongue, ready to freeze any movement of hope, inspiration, joy or creativity.

Griffen: A large, powerful flyer, soaring in the clear skies; ancient power in his cry, soaring above any obstacle, inspiring joy & gladness, returning mystery to the world. The feeling of the Griffen is of an ancient miracle – something so extraordinary and amazing, strong and powerful. Definitely a match for the Basilisk – as strong and ancient. The Griffen’s cry awakens the soul!

I feel as if I am locked in a battle between the Basilisk and the Griffen. They are ancient enemies, fighting for my soul. Who are they?

The Basilisk is my fear of change, fear of going beyond the Family, the Familiar. She keeps me in line with limited expectations – no great successes, no spectacular failures, no breaking the conventionalities of the day.

The Basiliskis my desire to be creative, active, engaged in going beyond limits, to be and do more, to reach and expand and grow.



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