Dancing with Green Man

Dancing with Green Man



I am dancing with the Green Man – a lovely, light, graceful and flowing dance, a wonderful experience of moving together easily and beautifully, as if we were almost weightless.


R: It was so wonderful – dancing with you. Who are you?

GREEN MAN: I materialize out of a ray of sunshine beaming
down through the green leaves of trees. I walk out of the dazzle of light, full
of the spirit of the Forest, the Trees, the Leaves, all the green living breathing
beings. Green sap runs in my veins.

I am born of Sun and Earth. I live, I breathe the air full of life. I am vital life – living, pulsing, breathing, flowing endless river of life, made by the love of Father Sun and Mother Earth. Beings emerge and grow and look in reverence at their vast Progenitors.

We dance together in the vast flow of life – emerging, submerging, dancing between the two moments of birth and death. I am the son of the Sun and the Earth, and you are Their daughter. We flow through the dance, the air, breathing and smiling, sharing this moment of power, communion and grace.

R: Is there anything you wish me to do in outer life?

GREEN MAN: Live, Breathe,
Dance in the Flow of Life, in the Awareness of the Great Love that brought you forth into this world – the Love of the Sun and the Love of the Earth united to bring you forth. This was your true conception.

Know that you, that all Their children, are conceived in this vast ocean of light and love flooding between the Sun and the Earth.

Be aware of the Love so great that an entire planet made Herself beautiful for you and hospitable and nurturing to Life.

Be aware of the love of Father Sun, who gently sends endless floods of light and warmth to make life possible.

Be aware of their Love and remember to be thankful and glad and humble at being given such great gifts, so rare and precious. Appreciate Life and find your Way to Joy!

Suggested Contemplations

  • What are you thankful for?
  • What brings you to Joy?

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