Response Fire-of-Suffering


What is your Response to the Six-Armed God?

Here are some responses I received in 2001.

From Merideth Bowen Shamszad, Author of The Story of Little Feather

“I read your “Dialog with the Six-Armed God” and saw your amazing painting. I have re-read the dialog many times and find it deeply moving, resonating with the Truth (that we so resist):

Each time you bear the sight of the Suffering of Separation, you bring healing to the wounded beast in all.

This phrase in particular has touched me, because I am coming to realize that since I finished my book (The Story of Little Feather…A Past Life Journey), I have turned away from the Suffering. I just can’t bear it! Yet I know it is the Way, the Medicine for healing–So difficult, so essential. Thank you for giving us your work!”

From Joan Ruderman, MFT
“Your painting and dialogue with your Six-Armed God was so powerful. It ripped open my heart in a single stroke and brought me immediately in touch with my own heart’s grief and longing for healing in this terrible moment of pain and possibility. I have printed it out as a reminder to bring into my prayers, even as I try to escape from the agony we are faced with daily. God Bless you in your courageous journey.”

On October 7th, 2008, in response to my request for permission to use the above quote, Joan wrote:
“What a propitious time for you to be offering these dialogues and visuals of the Divine to the online world! Our collective suffering is so visible and palpable as we deal with the collapse of many human structures and the loss of life forms.”

From Earlene Gleisner, RN, Reiki Master
Author of Reiki in Everyday Life, and The Marriage Bundle (forthcoming)
“Thank you for sending this. It feels as if it comes from the deepest part of you. This picture has helped you express your feelings regarding the current situations, and all situations, which resemble the continued horror men and women perpetuate onto themselves.

At first I recoiled from the fierce expressions of feelings, and then accepted the realization that I don’t do confrontation or extreme emotions well, especially up front and timely. I tend to confront emotions sideways and I need to be in a very protected environment, very safe, when I do … So I read my own discomfort and realized, it was all OK. I liked the action parts in the piece, like “Breathe through your heart”. It is the line of dialog that resonated the most with me as it offered hope and a ‘way through’ the misery.

I really appreciate the work you do with your inner self and that you can allow these dialogs to come forth. I think the painting and the writing can assist others.”

From Tara B
“This is so beautiful, thank you for sharing. It brings warmth into a chilled place, it fills a space that is empty.”

This Dialog can be performed as a Healing Ritual by women and men.
If you want more information, please contact me.


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