Dialog Six-Armed God

The Six-Armed God



R: I greet you. I am your acolyte. You have lived within my soul since I was very young. I have not understood you. I do not know your Name or Reason for Being. At last, I am honoring you, making a place for you. May I know your Name? Will you dialog with me?

SIX-ARMED GOD: Goddess, I am Your God. I am Within You. You do me honor with your writing, with your painting. I thank you for giving me a place in the world.

R: Do you have a Name I may know? Who are you, who have lived in me since I was a child?

SIX-ARMED GOD: I am He who suffers the Passions of Life without flinching. I face the Suffering of the World, stand in the Fires of Suffering, and am transformed. I am the Guardian of the Divine Child, Protector of the Suffering, Uplifter of the Feminine. I am the New God who is needed now. You have called me forth and must speak for me.

R: What must I say?


“Now the men of the world must join together with the women to acknowledge the Suffering of All Beings as One. Now men with women must stop denying our own suffering and acknowledge our pain and fear and grief and rage and longing – the Pain of Separation from the Oneness, which causes such suffering.

“Now the men with the women must face the Pain of Life and the Fear of Death. Together the men and the women must grieve all the cuts of Separation from the Oneness We All Are, and all the wounds we inflict upon one another in our suffering.

“Now the men and the women must confront and contain the rage burning in our souls at the pain, the fear, the grief, the wounds, the Separation.

“Now the men and the women must let the tears flow, drowning the rage, the fear, the pain – drowning the fires of suffering.

“Now the men with the women must acknowledge the deepest longing of our Souls, the longing for Oneness, for Acceptance, for Love – and know that only together can we fulfill our longing, only together can we reach our Heart’s Desire for Reunion, for the adamantine knowing of our Essence, which is Oneness with All That Is.

“Now the men and the women must choose to direct our Desire to its True Object and let the claws open that clutch so tightly to the pain, the fear, the rage, the old wounds – releasing hatred, revenge, greed, lust and fear. Only then will suffering cease.”

R: Ah, You speak the Truth that has been spoken by many Sufferers and Prophets – yet we cling to our pain and fear and hatred. Like wounded animals, we snarl and snap at the Hand that would Heal us. Long has it been so. Can there be any change in this world of ours?

SIX-ARMED GOD: Suffering will be until the wounded beast surrenders and allows the soothing of its hurts. Facing this pain, this sadness of unnecessary suffering, is the work of the men and the women. Those who so choose, carve open our hearts with the Dagger of Compassion to reveal the Divine Light, unflinching and fierce in our resolve.

R: Oh, it is so hard what you call us to do. I flinch away so often from the suffering and madness of the world, seeing the wounding continuing and continuing, generation after generation in homes and communities and nations everywhere. How can we mere humans be so brave as to heed your call?

SIX-ARMED GOD: Each moment, you choose what you can bear to suffer. Each moment, you choose what you will see. Each time you bear the sight of the Suffering of Separation, you bring healing to the wounded beast in all. With compassion for your own wounded beast within, and for that in all others, even those who deny their suffering, you can choose an act of passionate kindness, a thought of blessing and beauty, a prayer for healing and unity.

R: How can we carve open our hearts to our suffering and the suffering of all others, especially we privileged ones in wealthy countries?

SIX-ARMED GOD: Breathe through your Heart. Allow the armoring to soften. Whenever you are tempted to think “Not me,” remember Who We All Are, remember the Oneness, breathe and say:

“Yes, me. I am that wounded one in agony. I am that grieving one, wailing. I am that fearful one, hating. I am that raging one, hurting others in his pain he won’t acknowledge. I am that.”

R: Your message is clear and fierce. I will try to bear it into the world. You have yet to tell me your Name. Do you wish to?

SIX-ARMED GOD: I am the Nameless Sufferers, the Homeless Wanderers. I am the Enlightened Ones teaching Compassion. I am the Frightened Ones inflicting Suffering all around the world. I am You.

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