Meeting The Animal Within

Meeting The Animal Within

July 1996

A Creative Connection ® Process at PCETI Training:
Authentic Movement, Expressive Art and Creative Writing

Movement: The Animal Within took over, moving me onto all fours, onto my belly; growling and writhing, stomping and howling: a very powerful experience. Right after the movement session, I channeled this energy into art and writing.

The Animal Within says:
“Oh, Rip off this face and go faceless into the world!
Oh, this human face that smiles and talks,
that causes all the trouble, making me think
I am not one with my brothers and sisters,
making me think I am human.
Oh, erase this smiling mouth,
this useless nose, these prying eyes!

Go belly down, headless and open.
Feel claws emerge from paws.
Hear those meaningless sounds
growl and squawk from belly or throat.
Shred the carpet and paw through to the Earth, the real dirt.
Roll in the dust til all trace of human smell is gone.

Let that fleshy carapace stretch til it
Splits open and I emerge in my fierce red fur, lashing my tail,
Full of passion and
Free at last!


R: O, fierce animal within, I did feel you – your passion, wildness and freedom, your power and puissance, taking off my face, emerging, taking over. I loved your intensity and complete disregard for “what the neighbors might think”. I loved the way you inhabited this body so completely and fully; your claws and fierceness. I would like to learn how to live with/within you more completely. Will you talk with me?

ANIMAL WITHIN:  Mrrrrmph! Grrrowfff!

R:  Who are you?

ANIMAL WITHIN:  I am high and wide in the sky deep in the earth I embrace it all I am it all I am ALIVE I am MOVING I am ANIMAL ANIMA SPIRIT OF LIFE I live in you you in me I dance and stomp the earth I rend and tear flesh with my teeth I bite grass and crunch it I die into the earth I live again anew forever!

R:  SO VITAL SO INTENSE! I want you more alive in me – but I don’t want to scare people away. How can I let you in/up more without losing control, losing my mind, my self?

ANIMAL WITHIN:  Grrrumph! SO staid, so stuck, so ’fraid POOEY! HEY! Let me out! Who cares what those pale faces, those two-leggeds, those mealy-mouths think? We have to LIVE BE ALIVE NOW to the SKY the WIND the soft grass the rough Earth the freezing water. Sense! Feel! Be!

R:  Whoa! Wait! That’s not all there is to life as a human! There’s thinking, feeling, relating, singing, praying, making and doing, too. I want you with me when I do all those things! Can you? What do you need to be with me as a human?

ANIMAL WITHIN:  More dancing, more music,more singing every day. Good strong food to make me strong. Respect for my nature. Opening to my power. Letting me inform you, form you, free you!


Oh, oh, oh – the Animals, the Animals
who live with us
Within us
whom we live within.


The Hawk who soars and dives

The Bear who roams the forest, the ice,
the tundra, who sleeps in caves,

The Horse who runs full of grace
shining in the Sun

The Deer all delicate strength
The Owl of Silence and Listening

Ah! Ah! Can’t you hear them calling?
Never can we forget them.
Fail to love them and we die.

Suggested Contemplation:

What is your relationship with the Animal Within?

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  1. Dear Rahima, What a perfect day to meditate on the Animal Within! Warmest Congratulations on your gorgeous site ~ and, Thank you for creating it. I have found so much new space as a result of my simple meditation! Blessings of light & joy, always ~ with gratitude, Kat

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