Coyote’s Challenge

Coyote’s Challenge



…I am lying half in the water as if I were a seal. A female Coyote surfaces from the water, sniffs me all over, sniffs right up in my face and I sniff her too, exchanging puffs of breath. Coyote decides she is uninterested in me, turns toward the water, scent-marks my (leg/seal-body?) and dives back under the water. I say “I’ve never been scent-marked before.”

People say “Who knew coyotes would be/live/hide under the water?” We are feeling that coyotes could be living/hiding all around us and we are not aware of them.

Comments: The dream was more dream-like than I can write it. Writing it makes it more linear and definite. The dream was not: things were two things at once. “I” was me and not-me; things happened almost in layers, not sequences – so hard to “de-scribe”!


R:  Dear Coyote, I am excited and awed to have such a close encounter with you in this dream. Sniffing up close, exchanging puffs of breath, was so vivid and real. Being scent-marked was so strange to me! Will you dialog with me? Who are you?

COYOTE: The dream presence all around, unnoticed, unconfined by thought, convention or assumption. I go my own way, appear/hide as I will. Though you strange creatures – two-leggeds, big dogs – may go hunting me, you do not see me. You hunt where you think I ought to be, but I come from another dimension, a different element than you would ever think of.


R: Do you bring me a message? You did mark me as yours in the dream.

COYOTE: Yes, I surfaced in your dream from the water, the dream element – to surprise you, wake you up to Mystery once again. I marked you so I can find you, surprise you, track you anytime I want to. You are my prey. You may think you are hunting me but you are clumsy, lazy, slow. I am the Hunter – elusive, master of hiding & disguising. I can fool you, surprise you, trick you.

Watch out!! Wake up! Pay Attention to the Subtle, the Breath, the Scent. Take time to breathe, move, get quiet, sit still, listen, pay attention.

Release your iron-clad assumptions about the Dream of Truth, the Nature of Reality, and look into the Reality of Nature, the Truth of the Dream.

You can’t hear me. But you are mine! I will get you one of these days!

Suggested Contemplations

  • How has Coyote surprised you?
  • What iron-clad assumptions do you need to release?

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  1. Dear Rahima, Lovely work. I’m most comfortable (of course) with Divine Play and Dreaming Earth. Fierce Truth was hard for me. I’m grateful for all of your work. Very courageous.
    Your Friend,

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