Hawk’s Message

Hawk’s Message

DREAM: Close Encounter with a Red-Tail Hawk

May 10, 1989

I see a Red-Tail Hawk fly close by and land on a pole to the East of me. I am very happy and excited about this.

Comment: Yesterday, I saw a Red-Tail Hawk fairly close. Now he has flown into my dream.


R: Dear Red-Tail Hawk, I love you. You are beautiful and make my heart glad. What message do you bring?

HAWK: You see the signs. Now is an important time. You two-leggeds are to begin to take your power seriously – to act as responsible adults. It’s time to grow up – to grow – to get to work.

Yet not in grimness and effort. Always allow time for creative play and being with Nature.

Be astute and aware. Trust your Inner Voice. Do not act from guilt or fear. Follow your Inner Light. What makes you feel light and free contributes best to the Planetary Shift.

Do not be afraid of Healing Crises – your own or the Planet’s. Trust. All is for the Best.

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