Art for Awakening:

Gems from My Journey

by Rahima Warren ©2008 All rights reserved.
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Art for Awakening is an offering, a gift dedicated to fostering the awakening of humanity to the One Awareness We All Are, and to the unique preciousness of each soul, in hopes of contributing to a much needed transformation of consciousness on our only home, Mother Earth. This awakening is our only salvation from the insanities of greed, power-hunger, and fear which now threaten ecological catastrophe.

Art for Awakening is a combination of expressive art and creative writing: jewels from the dark side of the Moon; gems from my journey home to my Self. The paintings are tempera or chalk pastel on paper, created to express the mysteries of heart and soul, not as ‘fine art’ products. For the most part, the paintings and written pieces were created separately, but have delightfully found resonance with each other. The writing includes stories from my journey, poems, dreams, and dialogs with dream spirits. These dialogs bring compelling and vital messages from the Dreamtime to all of us.

  • In The Temple of the One Awareness, return to the sacredness of Who You Are.
  • In the Temple of the Dreaming Earth, Animal Spirits share messages of
    compassionate wisdom.
  • In the Temple of Divine Play, discover the healing power of creative self-expression.
  • In the Temple of Sacred Dance, contemplate the mystery of the Eternal Dance of the Divine Feminine and the Holy Masculine.
  • In the Temple of Fierce Truth, discover shining jewels from the dark side of our human experience.

You are invited to:

  • Enter each Temple and explore these gifts

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Rahima has also written a deep, rich, intense novel of the healing journey:

Dark Innocense: Book 1 of the Star-Seer’s Prophecy.

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I began writing dialogs with characters from my dreams in the early 1980’s, when I studied dreamwork with Strephon Williams. He taught me to imagine the dream spirit before me, ask questions, listen for the response and write whatever I heard.

Later, I expanded this to include beings who emerged in my art. When I write these dialogs, it truly seems to me that I am dialoging with a spirit from the Dreamtime who is speaking for itself through me. (This is also how I wrote Kyr’s story.) Often what they say is surprising to me – deeper, wiser, more compassionate or humorous, or even more alarming than anything I could ‘make up’ by myself.

Although I wrote them, the dialogs in Art for Awakening come from Beyond – beyond my ego/personality, even from beyond the human point of view. They offer much wisdom and guidance. May these messages from the Dreamtime benefit all of us struggling ‘two-leggeds’ (humans).


Expressive Art is an interweaving of all art forms for self-expression, discovery and healing, free from the confines of ‘fine art.’ There is no need to learn any technique, no wrong way to do it, only your unique way, your own journey to wholeness and creativity. Critics, inner or outer, have no place here.

Expressive Art teaches us to trust the spontaneous expressions of our souls, of our wisdom and fear, love and fury, darkness and brilliance. It takes us on a sometimes difficult, sometimes awe-inspiring journey to deep healing and self-acceptance, to joy and peace, and to our unique way of connecting with the Divine. Expressive Art is for anyone ready for such a journey.

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