#2 Balancing in Stillness

Balancing in Stillness – Vernal Equinox 2009

On the Equinox, Dark and Light are equal. From now until the Summer Solstice, the days grow longer than the nights. This is the Apex of Spring: plants in full flower, birds building nests and laying eggs, new life stirring everywhere.

In our nation’s capital and around the world, there is a ferment of new activity, as we enter Pluto/Shiva’s 20 year reign over Capricorn, the sign of large structures. Massive, out-dated institutions crumble before our eyes, and we struggle to birth new ways of relating to one another, in the realms of finance, resources, media, manufacturing, trade, energy and many more.

Which way will the balance swing? Toward honesty, fairness and openness, pragmatism, respect and compassion for all? Or will Will we regress to ideology, tribalism, greed, hoarding and antagonism?

A World-wide Meditation
At this crucial time, many people are joining in a world-wide meditation inspired by the Karmapa of Tibet. For five minutes twice a day, sit quietly and ask to be of service to Being/Spirit/God/All That Is. On the West Coast, the times are 9:00 a.m. and 6:55 p.m. Make no effort. Simply allow Being to use you, perhaps as generator of a needed quality of Essence.


Here, I offer two paintings and two poems, in celebration of our Oneness with Mother Earth and All That Is.

Earthchild’s Psalm for Spring

Mine eyes are fitted to the curves of Thy hills and valleys.
They are made to love Thy green leaves and blue skies.
Mine ears are shaped to delight in the sounds of Thy waters flowing,
Thy creatures singing.
My cheeks are made to blush at Thy winter’s kiss.

Of Thy stone, my bones.
Of Thy waters, my blood.

Of Thy feast, my flesh.
Of Thy winds, my breath.

Of Thy fire, my mind.
Of Thy love, my soul.

O Mother Earth,
Most Sacred Mystery,
I am wholly Thy child.
I give Thee thanks for my life.


Rainbow Pearl

I am the Heart of our Earth,
more powerful than I know.

Whatever I do resonates outward,
reverberating in the magnetic-etheric
Field of the Rainbow Pearl,
our only Home,
Mother Earth.

Whether I sing, pray, chant,
create, meditate love, OR
worry, doubt, fear, resist, agitate hate,
I affect the Field in which
we all live and have our being.

Our actions matter.
Our words matter.
Our lives matter,
each one of us.

Let us live with this awareness,
with caution, care and love.
Let us honor and respect ourselves
and each other
as the powerful, wonderful,
dangerous beings
we are.
Suggested Contemplations

What is hanging in the balance for you?
What is coming into bloom in your life?
If we are powerful, wonderful and dangerous beings,
what responsibilities do we carry?
Your responses, comments or questions are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!