#8 Luminous Darkness

Luminous Darkness – December 21, 2009 – A Turning Point

Winter Solstice is a time for
turning within,
entering the luminous darkness
of the Longest Night,
opening to the Sacred Feminine,
yielding to the Yin,
resting in the Cosmic Womb,
source of all creation.
In the gentle darkness, we can see
the subtle light of our soul-stars.

Can you see your Self shining
there, a star in the silent

Now the Deepest Darkness holds a seed of Light waiting to be born into the world, into our lives, into our hearts. It is the time of the longest night – and the time when the days begin to grow longer. In the ancient ways, this is the peak of Winter, with the beginning of Spring only six weeks away.
August 15, 1998


R: Highest Self, I caught a glimpse of you shining golden-white, a tiny taste of vast compassion. I long for your presence, your guidance, yet my doubting mind questions every message, every experience. How can I be more open to your presence, your realness?

HIGH SELF: Being open to your own glory is difficult. Mirroring others’ glory back to them is easier. When do you let yourself look into the mirror of Spirit?

Be gentle with yourself. Untangling that knot at the back of your heart is a long, slow, meticulous process. Be patient and tender with yourself. You might even choose to feel satisfied with yourself!

Beings of free will must invite Me, invite guidance, or I cannot be near you as you would like. Cultivate your relationship with Spirit daily through any method you prefer: prayer, song, meditation, art, walking in Nature…

You are the oil in the lamp. Spirit is the Flame.

Quietly clean and polish the lamp, renew the oil every day.

All else flows from this.

You are the Lamp without which
the Flame cannot shine in the world.

Suggested Contemplations

Does the inner critic or judge obscure the Mirror – or can you see your own glory unfolding?

As the New Year approaches, perhaps it is a good time to consider how to cultivate a deeper relationship with Spirit, to open to the beauty of the Being you are.


All art and writing by Rahima Warren. Your comments are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!

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