#1 Beginning of Spring

The Pathless Path – February 1, 2009

In the ancient ways, Spring begins in February. The days are growing longer, the light is returning. The seeds in the earth are beginning to stir, but we do not yet know if and when they will sprout, or what they may become. Blossoms begin to appear but will they bear fruit? In our nation’s capital, new life is stirring but we don’t yet know what may emerge.

In times like this, we don’t yet see the path ahead, only sense the vague stirrings of new life in our depths. We can let fear keep us to old, safe paths, or we can ” … step off the path deliberately, … choose pathlessness, as if (we) know where (we) are going.” (Ursula K. Le Guin, The Beginning Place)

Here is a Dream and Dialog to support you in trusting your unique path, even when you can’t see where it leads.


DREAM – 10/5/1995
…I am walking along a dirt path, following an older woman (an Elder?), joining her in singing a song that has silly lyrics about leaving San Francisco for Hippie Hollow but has a beautiful, rich, sophisticated and interesting melody. Our voices blend till they almost sound as one. I’m very happy, walking and singing.


R: Dear Elder Woman, I loved walking with you, singing the Path Song with you, how our voices blended in the unique harmonies of the Song. Thank you for sharing this with me in our dream. I would love to sing like that, live my life like that – lightly, beautifully, harmoniously, singing along the path, not even thinking about the destination. Will you dialog with me? Who are you?

ELDER WOMAN: “I am ahead of you. You cannot see my face. I may even be a future you. No need to fuss over who I am, where we’re going, how to get there. The song carries us along and makes the journey a joy.

“Follow your Path Song and you arrive where you need to be. All that is needed is to listen for the song, and follow it singing!

“Your song is the one that brings you joy, gives you light feet, a light heart, that reveals the beauty around you each moment as you walk along. When the journey becomes difficult, stop and listen for the song. Perhaps you have lost your way, your true path.

“Life does not need to be a struggle… But how many of you remember to listen for your song? So noisy! So busy! No wonder life becomes so difficult.

“Only stop and listen. Get Quiet. Begin. Sing your Path Song as you go along.”

Suggested Contemplations

What new but unseen life-force is stirring in your depths?

What gives you light feet, a light heart?

Can you hear your Path Song?

All art and writing by Rahima Warren unless otherwise noted. Your comments are welcome. I’d love to hear from you!

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